Weekly Contributor

In 2015, I began contributing four articles per week to ManMade - a DIY website devoted to “creativity and the handmade lifestyle for the postmodern male.” Drawing on my work as a woodworker, seamster, and all around handyman, I wrote about the kinship between creators and the unique objects they create, alongside a series of badass how-to articles that anyone could follow.  However many of my favorite articles were culture guides for men aspiring to greater cultural literacy, including:


freelance contributor

The first piece I ever published appeared in the Huckberry Journal in 2014:



  • After thoroughly researching the American agriculture market and the problems facing midwestern farmers, I consolidated my data with the new marketing direction from Cargill to write multiple radio spots about ProPricing grain contracts. I also aided with the production of corresponding video segments in a variety of capacities.

  • I wrote the 2015 brochure copy for the full lineup of Winnebago and Itasca motorhomes (42 in all). That meant researching and understanding all of the motorhomes’ new selling points and their target demographics, meeting with the visual designers to understand the layout and parameters of the final product, and then matching the literary voice of the previous year's promotional materials.

  • Finally, I worked to develop the social media campaign for Zantigo restaurants (a big plus given my childhood love for the restaurant).


Weekly Contributor

Starting in January of 2017, I began contributing two articles per week to the blog for the upcoming social networking app, ManScore. My pieces there have covered everything from travel and adventure to pop culture and entertainment to literature, self-improvement, and style. Examples include:

Options For College Inc.



My work included sifting through the mismatched strands of personal information from student applicants and working to weave those disparate threads into a cohesive and comprehensible brand. I spent a lot of time teasing out the most interesting aspects of an applicant’s personality and shaping them into an intelligible and gripping application essay.

  • I later provided similar services on an individual, pro bono basis for a handful of students.