Background Investigator

2014 - 2017

In my time with LM Strategies I researched and compiled detailed background reports for senatorial campaigns, internal political organizations, non-profits, and numerous high-profile corporations and individuals. In particular, I have:

  • Created memos highlighting potentially damaging public information on numerous individuals, both high-profile and fairly obscure. I did this primarily through online research, Lexis/Nexis, iQ Media, and phone calls.

  • Spent many hours reviewing senatorial candidates’ public speeches and interviews, transcribing the important moments, and then arranging them by topic into a single memo. I’ve done the same for speeches by other public figures, poured over multiple years of a candidate's personal blog posts, and reviewed many hours of public access television programs.

  • Recreated the schedule and locations of a senatorial candidate for the entire year of 2015 based on his social media geotags.

  • Researched and created memos on federal and state campaign contributions.

  • Researched corporations and their clients for damaging information pertaining to specific campaign issues.

  • Reviewed and compiled all bills by a particular state assemblyman as well as his floor statements and voting history.

  • Hunted down property records in multiple states through online research, phone calls, and in person visits. I’ve done the same with lawsuits in multiple states.

  • Through online research, I’ve pieced together memos and “who knows who” lists documenting how well certain individuals are connected, to whom, and to what degree they’re able to influence each other.

  • Recreated non-public membership lists through online research, personal calls, and physical visits (libraries, museums, public filings, microfilm collections, etc.).



Independent Political Researcher

2017 - Present

In my time with Smart Campaigns, I’ve provided freelance legal research and background reports for political campaigns. In particular, I have:

  • Reviewed court cases in person at numerous Los Angeles courthouses, giving me incredible facility at navigating the (fairly non-intuitive) Los Angeles Superior Court indexing system. I’ve spent many hours reviewing cases for their most salient elements and then obtaining copies of those moments.

  • Made many trips to research and procure property records, fictitious business name statements, marriage records, liens, judgments, deeds, etc. from the Los Angeles Registrar’s Office.

  • Copied out and created memos of various individual’s voting histories (the Los Angeles Voting Records Department doesn’t supply copies).

  • Also created memos from my own personal notes on a variety of public financial disclosure forms and other personal disclosure forms from the separate Los Angeles Voting/Campaign Department and the Los Angeles Ethics Commission.